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Week 28: 17 March 2012

Hugh Hughes

Artist and performer of Floating and Story of a Rabbit

Do you know the way to Nowhereisland?

Transcript of Video

Hello, my name is Hugh Hughes. I’m talking to you very slowly because I’m actually concentrating on driving. So… I’m going to Nowhereisland, or, possibly, I’m already on Nowhereisland. The truth is I’m not completely sure if I’m on it already or not. The truth is I’ve been told there are many, many ways to get on to Nowhereisland. And I’m only following one particular route. If you’re interested in finding the way onto the island yourself, then, why don’t you give Sioned a ring? That’s Sioned Rowlands. You could phone me but unfortuntaley I’ve left my mobile behind, so… No worries though because I actually left a map with Sioned so that she could explain the way to people like yourselves who might want to follow this idea of getting there. You know what? If you do phone Sioned and you would like her to explain other things to you, other than how to get onto Nowhereisland, she would be able to help. She’s really brilliant at explaining things, even things that you might have puzzled over for years, there’s a good chance she might be able to work them out for you. Listen, if you do call her, can you just let her know that I’m fine, tell her I’m still in the car and the car’s fine, because this is actually hers, she leant it to me. She told me it runs on memory. I’m not a 100% sure, you see, if I’m actually going the right way. She’d probably tell you that that feeling of not being sure is an absolutely fine feeling to have and that it’s normal and I’m guessing that she’ll tell you that the only way of getting anywhere is to keep looking for the way. It could be a secret, really, couldn’t it? A secret way of getting onto the island… I’m just gonna turn the radio off, that’s it, clearer… Oh anyway, you’ll really enjoy talking to Sioned, she’s really brilliant, she’s like a dream really. Ummm, if you do give her a call and you get a map from her and you manage to find your own way to Nowhereisland and you end up getting there before I do… Could you please remember that I’m trying to get on the island as well? That’d be, that’s be good. Ummm, is that… Yeah, looks like that car’s still there… I’d better just ease on the breaks. It’s definitely easier driving without the radio on. I suppose it’s sometimes, it is confusing to know exactly where you are, when you don’t have a map and maybe on this Nowhereisland, maybe there’s a… Oh, hello, nice little wave there… Yeah, maybe on this Nowhereisland it’s part of the feeling you have to get used to, this feeling of being nowhere particular. Maybe that’s the whole point.


If you require this transcription in large font then please contact Situations by email on or phone 0117 930 4282.

Hugh Hughes

Hugh Hughes is an emerging artist from Wales (Anglesey, North Wales to be precise). Before 2005, Hugh worked in his native Anglesey creating slide shows about beached whales. In 2004, following a chance encounter with Hoipolloi’s Artistic Director, Shôn Dale-Jones, Hugh was invited to create a theatre piece.

His first show, Floating, was produced by Hoipolloi in autumn 2005. The following summer, Hugh took Floating to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where he won a Total Theatre Award and a nomination for The Stage Best Actor Award. More recently BBC Radio 4 broadcast a new version of Floating. Hugh’s second show, Story of a Rabbit, was brought to the stage in 2007 by Hoipolloi and the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich. The show won a Fringe First at that year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

With the help of Hoipolloi, Hugh has toured his work across the UK, performed at London’s Barbican Centre and travelled across the world to venues and festivals in New York and the USA, Moscow, Colombia, Finland, Singapore and Australia. In 2009, Floating enjoyed a sold-out run at the Sydney Opera House and Melbourne’s The Age newspaper gave the show an M-ie Award for Best Live Theatre.

Hugh is currently working on a brand new project called Stories from an Invisible Town.

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