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Week 2: 18 September 2011

Tamsin Omond

Director, Climate Rush

Tell me what you stand for

Transcript of Video


Tell me what you believe.

What you really, truly believe.

What rights you’d fight for.

Lay down your life for.

What you want to strive for, save for, misbehave for or just be brave for.

Tell me what you stand for and what you’d sit down at the back of the bus for, prepare to make a fuss for. Bleed for, cuss for.


Tell me what you believe.

What you really, truly believe.

What do you have a dream for and what would you lose sleep for, sigh for, weep for, starve for weeks for. What would you take risks for, raise a gloved fist for, sit down and resist for, chains on the wrist for.


Please… tell me what you believe.

What you really, truly believe.

What would you stand and block a tank for and receive no thanks for, just bullets in your chest, no peace and no rest. What could make them want to put you under life-long house arrest. Please… tell me what you live for. And what you’d die for, lie for, kill for, surrender your will for. What would you give your last resource for. Throw yourself under a horse for, prepare to be jailed for 27 years and no bail for.

Please tell me what you believe.

What you really, truly believe.


What would you sacrifice your life for, get scarred with a knife for, be put behind bars and risk your children and your wife for, that’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, civil partner, your siblings too.

What can’t you turn a blind eye to, because it aint right to you. Is there something that would make you go to lengths you are not used to. Make a stand even though you know people aren’t going to like you.

Please tell me what you believe, what you want, what makes you breathe.

What would you speak up for. What’s the thing you give a fuck for.


So my name is Tamsin Omond and I’m 26 years old and I’m worried about the future… and the present. And, if you’re under 40, and if you’re over 40 too, then you should be worried too.

My generation is going to be deeper in debt than any previous could have ever imagined and we’re not going to have endless resources to fuel economic growth and development. More likely, our fertile planet is going to become less fertile; there will be more people, fewer resources, more natural disasters, more resource wars. And the politicians and the business leaders and the media, even the public, we’re all aware of the problems, but it’s really easy to think that there is nothing that we can do about it. To imagine that, even though we are part of the problem, we can’t possibly be part of the solution. It’s so easy and so comfortable to allow it to be someone else’s problem. There are 9 billion citizens, one planet and a model of growth that tells everyone to want more and to consume more. I don’t know what evolution looks like if we keep on this trajectory. So it is time that we actually evolved to this new context where we find ourselves because, if not, we’re going to get stuck.

Choose your battle, develop your strategy, build your networks and believe in a future that can support all life and then make that future real. Because, currently the world is a difficult place and the future does not look bright. So if you choose to do anything less than dedicate each day to saving this world, then you’ll be held accountable and responsible for the future that we create.



If you require this transcription in large font then please contact Situations by email on or phone 0117 930 4282.

Tamsin Omond

Tamsin Omond is an author, environmental activist and journalist and is founder of Climate Rush. She has campaigned for the UK government to take action to avoid man-made climate change and in 2009, she was included in the Sunday Times list of "Top 30 Power Players Under-30".

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