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Photo: Max McClure

Wednesday 25th July: The Arrival
The island arrived at 1.30pm to be welcomed by hundreds of people who had gathered to welcome this new nation. Citizens marched with their constitutional propositions, ambassadors guided the island in with flares and live musicians accompanied storytellers.


Friday 27th July: All the Bells
Nowhereisland hosted Weymouth's contribution to All the Bells - a project by artist Martin Creed which asked everyone in the country to ring a bell for three minutes at 08.12 on the morning of the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Photo: David Bickerstaff

Morris dancers, citizens of Nowhereisland and local residents joined the Ambassadors on Furzy Cliff in ringing Nowhereisland's bell.  Find out more about All the Bells here.

Over the course of the nine-day visit, the Ambassadors met hundreds of visitors to the Embassy, hearing tales of other adventures. Citizenship soared by half to over 16,000 citizens across the world. Hear are some of the Ambassadors' impressions of Nowhereisland's visit to Weymouth:

- The Weymouth Town Cryer, Alistair Chisholm, finding the Nowhereisland Declaration and reading it out loud for all to hear.

- The Quangle Wangle choir who before serenading the island, arrived with their bags tagged with NWI, en route to Nowhereisland.

- Watching the sea gulls perching on the island, finding a new bit of landscape to rest on.

- 'The Little Naturalist', an 8 year-old girl who amazed us all, one by one, with her incredible knowledge of the natural world, tales of orcas, seals and lions and a very mature attitude to the harsh realities of a food chain.


Have a look at images, texts and videos posted of the Weymouth visit on the Nowheriesland blog here.


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