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STOP PRESS: David Bickerstaff's incredible photographs now online here.

On 11th September 2011, the Nowhereisland expedition team set sail for Nyskjaeret, the island discovered by Alex Hartley in 2004. The team embarked on the Noorderlicht, a three-masted schooner originally built in 1910, from the small town of Longyearbyen from where they sailed north around the tip of Svalbard through stormy seas to reach Nyskjaeret.

Here the team extracted the island territory and left a signed note to mark their visit. before they headed north again to the 80th parallel. On 20th September 2011, they crossed into international waters at 80° 14N  10° 30E, where Nowhereisland was declared a new nation.

During the expedition, the team were tasked with undertaking extensive research, discussions and work towards the formation of an extensive resource for the Nowhereisland Embassy. They began by collectively writing the Nowhereisland declaration, debating the basis on which Nowhereisland's constitution could remain cumulative, consensual and subject to change, and writing propositions for the constitution. Their research also involved witnessing the impact of climate change on the fragile environment, undertaking investigations into the language and contemporary life on Svalbard.

We are grateful to Cape Farewell and Oceanwide Expeditions for their help and support during the expedition.

Find out more about the team's experience in the September logbook entries.


Claire Doherty on the Nowhereisland voyage



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